Georgetown University COVID-19 Related Technologies

  1. Detection of Bacterial and Viral Pathogens Using Fluorescence Activated Sensing Technology (FAST System)
  2. RACK1 Inhibitors for Treatment of Viral Infections
  3. Applying State-of-Being to Healthcare Delivery
  4. SafeScope Mask
  5. Mint Mask

For information on COVID-19 Licensing Guidelines please visit the following link:

A Fast and Accurate COVID-19 Test: Georgetown University researchers have engineered a next generation pathogen detection system that has been shown to be extremely sensitive and specific and therefore to have extremely low false positive and false negative rates. It is as rapid or faster than other methods and can also be automated and used to test for multiple types of organisms simultaneously (“multiplexed”). We are kindly asking your support of this campaign that will allow researchers to use this groundbreaking technology to develop a high-fidelity rapid molecular test for detecting the COVID-19 virus. To support this campaign for a faster, more accurate COVID-19 test please visit the following link: We appreciate your consideration of making a gift and sharing this important work with others who may also be interested in doing so.

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