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Georgetown University’s Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) serves as the liaison between industry, investors, and the Georgetown University community.
We invite companies, venture investors, and entrepreneurs to engage with us. Together, we can advance Georgetown’s innovations and help translate them into solutions that contribute to the betterment of society.

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Technology Spotlight

Antimicrobial Transdermal Delivery: Reducing Infection Risks with Minimally Invasive Technology

Georgetown University researchers have developed a groundbreaking technology that addresses the critical need for mitigating adverse secondary effects from minimally invasive medical procedures, monitoring, and drug delivery devices.

Advancing NeonatalCare: Fibractant – A Synthetic Lung Surfactant for Premature Infants

Georgetown University has pioneered a remarkable synthetic lung surfactant known as “Fibractant.” Composed of silk fibroin and DPPC lipids, this innovation holds high potential in the realm of respiratory care, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional methods.

Advancing Cancer Therapy: Innovative Predictive Model for CAR-T Treatment Efficacy

Georgetown researchers have developed a cutting-edge method involving tumor biopsies and zebrafish xenografts to assess the potential response to CAR-T cell therapy before treatment initiation.