Advancing Research

Georgetown’s Office of Technology Commercialization is committed to advancing efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry by fostering meaningful partnerships that advance research. Explore the opportunities that await you as we offer knowledge and create real-world impact.

Industry Partnership Opportunities

In the realm of technology transfer, we believe that partnerships go beyond mere transactions; they are about building enduring relationships. At Georgetown University, the OTC facilitates tech transfer partnerships that leverage the strengths and diversity of both academic and corporate entities. By tapping into complementary expertise, resources, and networks, these collaborations open doors to a wealth of possibilities. Our experienced staff works closely with industry representatives to showcase technologies of interest, ensuring that licensing agreements are tailored to meet specific needs effectively and efficiently. Whether through sponsored research, licensing, startup formation, or strategic alliances, our goal is to facilitate strategic relationships that support the development and commercialization of GU innovations.

For additional collaboration and funding resources, please consider visiting the Office of the Dean for ResearchResearch Development Services, and the Office of Institutional Partnerships and subscribing to the FUND*Ability blog.

Additional Collaboration

Explore GU Research

Georgetown University’s research facilities are dynamic hubs open to the private sector, academia, and various agencies for collaborative research and development endeavors. The university’s commitment to supporting faculty and connecting with industry research partners is embodied by our OTC team. We collaborate to facilitate successful sponsored research collaborations, offering faculty-facing support and alliance management to broaden relationships across the entire research enterprise. We understand the potential of collaboration between academia and industry, recognizing these two environments’ diverse values and cultures. Our approach is to facilitate collaborations that yield significant benefits, ensuring that intellectual property rights and obligations are transparent, fair, and in accordance with university policies.

Federal Research Partnership Opportunities