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Antimicrobial Transdermal Delivery: Reducing Infection Risks with Minimally Invasive Technology

Georgetown University researchers have developed a groundbreaking technology that addresses the critical need for mitigating adverse secondary effects from minimally invasive medical procedures, monitoring, and drug delivery devices.

Advancing NeonatalCare: Fibractant – A Synthetic Lung Surfactant for Premature Infants

The Technology Commercialization Internship Program offers an exceptional opportunity for students and post-docs keen on learning more about the world of intellectual property management and the commercialization of scientific research.

Advancing Cancer Therapy: Innovative Predictive Model for CAR-T Treatment Efficacy

Georgetown researchers have developed a cutting-edge method involving tumor biopsies and zebrafish xenografts to assess the potential response to CAR-T cell therapy before treatment initiation.


Each year, the Office of Technology Commercialization hosts events featuring educational and promotional opportunities for the Georgetown University community and the Washington, D.C. area in the field of technology transfer and intellectual property. Please read further for more information about upcoming events and read about past events we have hosted in the past. A special thank you to those who have attended our past events!

Upcoming Events

2024 Innovation Awards Ceremony

This event promises to be a remarkable celebration of the astounding achievements of Georgetown University’s dedicated faculty and researchers as they continue to make profound contributions to society through their groundbreaking inventions. Wednesday, March 13, 2024 – 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM ET

Past Events

Accelerating Innovation

Learn about funding opportunities for biomedical innovators, application tips, programs, and entrepreneurial resources for small businesses. Tuesday, February 6, 2024 – 2:00 PM ET

Unlocking Innovation: Introduction to Georgetown’s Office of Technology Commercialization

The Georgetown University Biomedical Graduate Education is hosting a lunch on October 26th at 1 PM in Med Dent SW107 with Dr. Tatiana Litvin-Vechnyak from Georgetown’s Office of Technology Commercialization. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with members of OTC and learn how to turn your ideas into real-world solutions and how to advance your career! Lunch will be provided.t

Invention to Innovation (I2I) Seminar Series

Invention to Innovation (I2I) Seminars are designed for the University community to learn about aspects of intellectual property and the commercialization process. If you have invented, or are interested in inventing a particular technology and want to learn about issues in the field and engage with specialists and practitioners, I2I seminars are your opportunity. It also provides a great networking platform to engage other researchers inside and outside Georgetown, as well as the staff of the OTC.