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Collaborate. Innovate. Launch: Georgetown’s Inaugural Faculty Entrepreneurship Academy

In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, Georgetown University recently hosted its inaugural Faculty Entrepreneurship Academy. This event, organized by the Office of Technology Commercialization in partnership with the McDonough School of Business – Executive Education Program and the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, was a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and advancing innovation.

Faculty members from diverse disciplines converged, bringing unique perspectives and aspirations. Under the leadership of Tatiana Litvin-Vechnyak (VP, OTC) and Jeff Reid (Founding Manager, GEI), participants explored the fundamentals of launching a venture, forming a stellar team, and conducting customer and stakeholder discovery, with a focus on understanding how to translate research discoveries into entrepreneurial ventures.

John Jabara

The academy featured dynamic sessions such as “So You Have an Idea” by John Jabara and an informative lecture on Lean Startup Methodology and Business Model Canvas by Shye Gilad. Participants were equipped with the tools and insights needed to begin transforming their ideas into reality.

Tatiana Litvin-Vechnyak

As the event progressed, the spirit of collaboration was palpable. Working lunches led by experts like Tatiana Litvin-Vechnyak, Gregory Kirsch, and Mary Schmiedel provided discussions on topics ranging from IP strategy to conflict of interest. These sessions deepened participants’ understanding of Intellectual Property protection and navigating IP and Conflict of Interest policies within the university setting.

Another highlight was the panel discussion on funding and fundraising, where Jeff Reid, alongside Jack Miner, provided insights into the world of venture capital and alternative funding sources. Inspiring talks from founder Shavini Fernando and investor Jonathan Aberman reminded participants that entrepreneurship and success are achievable with perseverance and innovation.

Faculty Entrepreneurship Academy, April 30th and May1st, 2024

As participants departed with their digital badges in hand, they carried with them not just a certificate of completion but a sense of empowerment and possibility. The inaugural Faculty Entrepreneurship Academy successfully achieved its mission: to collaborate, innovate, and launch the next group of entrepreneurial ventures fueled by Georgetown’s rich intellectual capital.