Stereodynamic Chemosensors

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Reference #: 2013-039

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An analytical method of determining  stereoisomeric excess and/or concentration and/or absolute configuration of chiral compounds in a sample of chiral analytes that can exist in stereoisomeric (enantiomeric or diasteromeric) forms using stereodynamic ligand and metal complexes.


  • Evaluate high-throughput reactions whose desired product is chiral;
  • Determine the stereoisomeric excess of the desired product, thus indicating the stereoselectivity of the reaction
  • Determine the concentration of the total product and/or the desired isomer, thus indicating the overall or individual yield of the reaction
  • High-throughput screening of chiral compounds to sense enantiomer presence, concentration and configuration Optimization of reaction parameters, allowing the development, amplification and modification of asymmetric catalysts for instance
  • Enantiopurity assessment of compound samples.


  • Provides for fast concentration and stereoisomeric excess
  • High-throughput method accelerates the discovery progress
  • Inexpensive way of sensing chirality in a large variety of chiral compounds
  • Minimizes waste production
  • Fluorescent or UV active  moiety for optical sensing

Stage of Development

Reduced to practice


Christian Wolf
Keith Bentley

Patent Status

Issued – US Patent No. 10,012,627