Reversible Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids

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Categories: “Chemistry

Reference #: 2006-036

OTC Contact: Zeinab Abouissa. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


Room-temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) hold great promise for their potential as customizable and environmentally friendly (‘green’) solvents. Georgetown University researchers discovered a new class of RTIL solvents called “amidinium carbamates” that can be repeatedly interconverted between ionic-liquid and non-ionic-liquid states by simply bubbling either carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas (at one atmosphere of pressure). Interconversion between different polarities offers a distinct advantage of customizing reaction environments including options of either solvating or precipitating chemical-reaction components. Additionally, amidinium-carbamate solvents do not require maintaining absolutely dry atmospheres as compared to existing technologies. Georgetown University is seeking a commercial partner to license and develop these polarity-convertible, amidinium-carbamate solvents.


Reversible cycling between RTIL and non-ionic liquid phases to control solvent polarity to either dissolve or precipitate chemical components.


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Relevant Publications

Yamada et al., “Reversible, Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids: Amidinium Carbamates Derived from Amidines and Aliphatic Primary Amines with Carbon Dioxide”. Chem. Mater. 2007, 19: 967-969.


Mathew George, Richard G. Weiss, Taisuke Yamada, and Tao Yu

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