Database of Related Protein Sequences

Categories: “Bioinformatics

Reference #: 2006-037

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The database allows the user to retrieve related sequences based on pre-computed BLAST results. Researchers are able to rapidly search and obtain data at a glance with the user-friendly search output page. The search returns proteins similar to the queried protein, significantly faster than running BLAST. The database output provides the related protein accession number, name, length, and organism. In addition, the user can use E-value cutoffs to display results, display or hide the query sequence, and save the search results to the local computer in table or FASTA format. The database is linked such that BLAST, FASTA, pattern match against the PROSITE database, multiple alignment and domain display can be performed with a single mouse click. The alignment column allows the user to see the BLAST results in graphical format as well as select individual sequence pairings against the query sequence. Researcher can also choose to perform sequence alignment between several of the related sequences.


  • Database is useful for protein sequence searching and analysis.


  • Faster than a traditional BLAST search
  • User friendly search results page
  • Allows greater flexibility for outputs and analysis

Stage of Development

The database software is fully operational and available for licensing.

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Cathy Wu, Hongzhan Huang