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Maria Laura Avantaggiati

Benzenetricarboxylic Acid and Methods of Use (US # 9,545,388)

Chen-Yong Lin, Michael D. Johnson

Specific Delivery of Toxins Conjugated with Antibodies to Activated Matriptase (US # 9,549,993)

Chen-Yong Lin

Targeting Tumor Cells with Chemotherapeutic Agents Conjugated to Matriptase Antibodies (US # 9,682,094)

Sarah L. Stoll, Edward Van Keuren, Christopher Albanese, Stanley T. Fricke

Manganese-Oxo Clusters as Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (US #9,555,134)

Louis M Weiner

Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer Using an Anti-C-Met Antibody  (US #9,567,641)

Robert Clarke, Louis M Weiner

Genes Contributing to Survival of Cancer Cells (US # 9,677,072)

Richard A. Calderone

Antifungal Drugs (US #9,642,846)

Judith F. Rubinson

Polymer Film Bioelectrodes and Methods of Making and Using the Same (US #9,682,225)

Anton Wellstein

Compositions and Treatment of Metabolic Disorders Using FGF Binding Protein 3 (US # 9,789,160)

Christian Wolf

Stereodynamic Chemosensors (US # 9,815,746)

Christian Wolf

Determining the Stereoisomeric Excess, Concentration and Absolute Configuration (US # 10,012,627)

Esther H. Chang, Kathleen F. Pirollo

Treatment for Exposure to Nerve Agent (US # 9,878,055)

Yingxian Xiao, Kenneth J. Kellar

2-Halo-5-Alkynyl-Pyridyl Nicotinic Ligands (US # 9,890,137)

Kathryn L. Sandberg, Hong Ji

Selective Inhibitor of Angiotensin II (US # 9,944,677)

Kaveh Jorabchi

Apparatus and Methods for Plasma-Assisted Reaction Chemical Ionization (PARCI) Mass Spectrometry (US # 9,966,243)

Jay C. Smart

A Process and Framework for Facilitating Data Sharing Using a Distributed Hypergraph (US #9,996,567)

Makarand Paranjape

Microfluidic Systems For Electrochemical Transdermal Analyte Sensing Using a Capillary-Located Electrode (US #10,004,434)

Mark Danielsen

Polymerase Driven NESA  (US # 10,023,905)