Microfluidic Systems For Electrochemical Transdermal Analyte Sensing Using a Capillary-Located Electrode

Categories: “Diagnostics

Reference #: 2013-034

OTC Contact: Sharon E. Pula, M.S., J.D. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A minimally invasive transdermal sensing device, comprising a plurality of individually controllable sites for electrochemically monitoring analytes such as glucose in interstitial fluid. The system includes samplers for retrieving and transferring at least one analyte obtained transdermally from the skin of a subject. A detector identifies, then quantifies said analyte.


  • Convenient health monitoring and screening without needles or outpatient care
  • Monitor blood glucose without drawing blood
  • Markers for microbial, fungal or viral infections could be monitored
  • Environmental exposure to toxins could be assessed non-invasively


  • Portable biomedical monitoring
  • Minimally invasive molecular monitoring
  • Optional implementation of protective feedback measures and remote monitoring through telemetry.

Stage of Development

Prototype of the transdermal system tested and validated  in pilot clinical trial


Makarand Paranjape

Patent Status

Issued – US Utility Patent No. 10,004,434