Methods of Treating Gastrointestinal Cancers and Tumors Thereof Using Combination Therapy

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Reference #: 2019-050

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A combination therapy method of treating gastrointestinal cancers and tumors thereof in patients with mutations in the homologous recombination-DNA damage response (HR-DDR) pathway genes and/or a family history suggestive of breast or ovarian cancer syndrome through administration of an effective amount of a Poly (ADP ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor, in combination with oxaliplatin and an antimetabolite. The method of the invention also increased the sensitivity of gastrointestinal cancers and tumor cells to treatment with oxaliplatin.


Gastrointestinal cancers and tumors are among the most lethal malignant neoplasms and there is a need for effective treatments for such cancers and tumors as well as the need to increase the sensitivity of such cancers and tumors to existing therapeutic treatments.


  • Effective targeted therapy for gastrointestinal cancers and tumors in patients with mutations in HR-DRR pathway genes and a family history suggestive of breast or ovarian cancer syndrome and increased sensitivity of such cancers and tumors to treatment with oxaliplatin


  • Halt gastrointestinal cancer and tumor progression
  • Inhibit malignant tumor growth
  • Inhibit tumor proliferation and/or metastasis of gastrointestinal cancers
  • Increased sensitivity of a gastrointestinal tumor cell to treatment with oxaliplatin
  • Reduce tumor size
  • Increase duration of progression free survival period

Stage of Development

Clinical trials.

Patent Status

Pub. No. US 2022/02111657 A1


Michael J. Pishvaian, MD, PhD

Jonathan Brody, PhD

John L. Marshall, MD, PhD