Mass Spectrometric Kit and Methods for Quantifying NPY 1-36 and NPY 3-36

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Categories: “Medical and Research Devices

Reference #: 2010-047

OTC Contact: Sharon E. Pula, Esq. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A kit for and methods of detecting the presence or amount of NPY 1-36 or NPY 3-36 in a sample using mass spectrometry




Suboptimal levels of NPY fragments can indicate several maladies. NPY 1-36 is a fragment that has been linked to heart ailments, stress and hypertension, while NPY 3-36 may play a role in various cancer pathways. Though current assays such as ELISA can indicate the presence of NPY fragments, they fail to quantify and distinguish them, leading to results that do not provide a clear diagnostic picture. Efficient mass spectrometric techniques for the independent quantification of NPY 1-36 and NPY 3-36 at physiologically relevant concentration have been unavailable prior to this invention.

In the present invention, researchers at Georgetown University have demonstrated the value of mass spectrometry for quantifying and distinguishing NPY fragments, illuminating their utility as accurate diagnostic tools.

Stage of Development

Reduced to practice and tested


Steven J. Soldin

Patent Status

U.S patent issued – US 9,269,550 B2