Markers for Abnormal Cell

Categories: “Cancer Therapeutics“, “Research Tools

Reference: 2014-017

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A clinical assay to measure matriptase elevation as an indicator of abnormal lymphoid and myeloid cells that may develop into tumors.




Matriptase is a protease that has been shown to play a role through the degradation of extracellular matrices in metastatic invasive cancers.  Matriptase is generally not expressed on lymphoid or myeloid cells in whole blood, thus if there is an elevation in matriptase levels in sample where its activity has been induced, this is an indicator of abnormal lymphoid or myeloid cell presence.

This technology also allows for the development of kits to monitor the progression of abnormal lymphoid or myeloid cells in a subject over time by means of monitoring matriptase levels from various samples taken at different time points to monitor disease status, relapse, and/or determine therapeutic effectiveness.


Reduction to practice in blood samples proving concept and assay. Also, kits for determining the presence or absence of abnormal lymphoid or myeloid cells in a cell sample from a subject have been proposed, using standard clinical laboratory equipment and off-the-shelf reagents and compositions.


US Utility Issued January 8, 2019


Michael D. Johnson, Chen-Yong Lin, and Fan-Pai Chou