iPro Class Integrated Protein Knowledgebase

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Categories: “Bioinformatics

Reference #: 2007-029

OTC Contact: David Humphrey, Ph.D. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


The iPro Class database is designed to serve as a framework for data integration, providing rich links to over 50 databases of protein family, function, pathway, interaction, modification, structure, genome, ontology, literature, and taxonomy. In particular, the database is organized with PIRSF family classification and maps to other family, function, and structure classification schemes.


One major challenge lies in the volume, complexity, and dynamic nature of data being collected and maintained in heterogeneous and distributed sources. Advanced bioinformatics infrastructures must be developed for biological knowledge management. To facilitate scientific discovery, information scattered in disparate sources needs to be integrated into a cohesive framework.


With data integration using the iPro Class Knowledgebase, interesting relationship among protein family, structure, and function can be readily revealed, providing for plausible function and pathway identification based on system biology properties even when there is no detectable sequence similarity.

Stage of Development

Fully functional protein database.

Relevant Publications

Wu et al. The iPro Class integrated database for protein functional analysis. Computational Biology and Chemistry 28: 87-96, 2004.


Cathy Wu, Hongzhan Huang

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