Highly Photoresponsive ZnO Photodetector for Operation in the Visible Spectral Range

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Categories: “Physics, Optics and Electronic Devices

Reference #: 2017-016

OTC Contact: Zeinab Abouissa. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


The development of high performance visible photodetectors (PDs) is of great importance for uses ranging from biological/environmental sensors, to cameras, to military/space applications. While significant advances have been made for gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-coupled zinc oxide (ZnO) as visibly blind, ultraviolet (UV) photodetection devices, very few ZnO nanomaterial systems have been developed specifically for use in the visible wavelength regime. Researchers at Georgetown have developed a straightforward and highly scalable approach to construct a AuNP-coupled ZnO photodetector (PD) that provides significantly enhanced photoresponsive behaviors in the visible wavelength range. The photovoltage and photocurrent values that are produced from this ZnO PD are comparable to, if not far exceeding, the photoresponse capacity of most commercial PDs as well as recently reported AuNP-coupled ZnO devices functioning at visible wavelengths. In addition, the ZnO PD is constructed without employing ultrahigh vacuum, sputtering procedures, or photo/electron-beam lithographic tools. Hence, this approach may offer a simple and viable means to achieve low-cost, high-performing PDs with spectral tunability in the visible range.


Uses range from biological/environmental sensors, to cameras, to military/space applications


Stage of Development

The construction of AuNP-coupled ZnO photodetector (PD) device is demonstrated. Photoresponse signals
of the device were studied at different incident wavelengths.


Jong-in Hahm, Daniel S. Choi, Matthew Hansen, and Edward Van Keuren

Patent Status

Provisional Patent Application Filed