Treating Flavivirus Infections with Amodiaquine and Derivatives Thereof

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Categories: “Viruses, Chronic & Infectious Diseases”

Reference #: 2014-026

OTC Contact: Tracy L. Bruehs, M.S., J.D., Associate Director (Directory Information | Send a Message)


Despite the increase in incidence and seriousness of flavivirus infections such as Dengue and West Nile Virus, there remain no available treatment strategies to manage or prevent the disease. Utilizing a high throughput screening method to identify inhibitors of the Dengue Virus Protease, Georgetown researchers have identified the FDA-approved antimalarial compound amodiaquine as a potent inhibitor of Dengue Virus Protease. Further work has demonstrated that additional amodiaquine derivatives are candidate anti-flavivirus thereapeutics. The repurposing of these compounds offers regulatory advantages due to their established safety in humans, representing an opportunity to treat a neglected disease with an established drug.


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Radakrishnan Padmanabhan