Fibroblast Growth Factor Binding Protein 3 (FGFBP3) therapy to treat Diabetes and Obesity

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Categories: Other Disorders

Reference #: 2013-001

OTC Contact: Ruchika Nijhara, Ph.D., MBA, CLP, Director ( Directory Information | Send a Message )


Georgetown researchers demonstrate that a single injection of the protein FGFBP3 alone is enough to restore the body’s ability to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels to a healthy range for more than 24 hours. Our researchers show that FGFBP3 enhances the binding affinity of Fibroblast Growth Factors 15/19 (FGFs15/19) to their preferential receptors to work effectively, leading to normalizing hyperglycemia, and reducing expression of G6PC for gluconeogenesis


Use of FGFBP3 for the treatment of:


Stage of Development

Cell culture and animal validation studies have been done to evaluate the effect of injecting FGFBP3 in fed diabetic transgenic ob/ob mice. Studies report that:

Patent Status

PCT Application Number (WO2014/152089) filed on 14 March 2014


Anton Wellstein