Apparatus and Method for Delivery of Antimicrobial During a Transdermal Sampling and Delivery Process

Categories: “Medical and Research Devices

Reference #: 2015-008

OTC Contact: Sharon E. Pula, M.S., J.D. (202) 687-8712 (Directory Information | Send a Message)

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A minimally invasive transdermal device and method for delivering antimicrobial(s) to the exposed region of skin at the access point of interstitial fluid sampling, medical monitoring and/or transdermal drug delivery.


There is an ongoing need for mitigation of infection risks resulting from the use of minimally invasive medical devices. Various microorganisms and/or microbes may reside on the user’s skin and/or on the devices and can migrate through the interstitial fluid access location of such devices and cause infections.  Some of these microorganisms include drug resistant bacteria, also called superbugs, which are increasingly resistant to known antibiotics.



Stage of Development

Prototype development

Patent Status

US Patent No. 11,219,390


Makarand Paranjape, PhD

Shruti M. Paranjape, PhD