A Novel Cell Transplantation Platform

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Reference #: 2018-002

OTC Contact: Ruchika Nijhara, Ph.D., MBA, CLP (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A cell transplantation method that utilizes a sealed transplantation space – wherein decellularized human amniotic membranes provides human islet grafts with a extracellular metrics-like support, and human amniotic epithelial cells (HAECs) improve new blood vessel formation due to their stem cell-like features- are attached to the surface of a visceral organ in order to restore or increase normal function.


  • Human islet transplantation including auto, allo, and xenografts. Additionally, this platform can be used with other types of cell transplantation such as hepatocytes


  • Solves the issue of poor human islet engraftment
  • Avoids thrombosis and hepatic tissue ischemia caused by islet entrapment in liver sinusoids that leads to sinusoidal endothelial cell activation and functional impairment associated with intraportal islet infusion
  • Use of HAECs expedites the revascularization of islet graft to the host due to their stem cell like features

Stage of Development

Animal studies and preliminary in vitro testing.


Wanxing Cui

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