Harvesting miRNAs from Interstitial Fluid for Sensitive Biomarkers

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Categories: “Medical and Research Devices

Reference #: 2017-018

OTC Contact: Sharon E. Pula, Esq. (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A device for determining the presence of miRNAs in interstitial fluid (ISF)




Human and animal studies have demonstrated the significance of miRNA in developmental processes and in various disease pathologies since alterations in miRNA levels have been associated with several diseases. Routine miRNA biopsies from organ tissue are often impractical and invasive.

Researchers at Georgetown University have created a device to exploit the diagnostic and prognostic potential of miRNAs as biomarkers for cancer and other disease states. The device makes use of transdermal microfluidic technology to help in the transfer process of ISF from the skin surface to a collection port for subsequent aspiration and analysis.

Stage of Development

Reduced to practice and tested.


Makarand Paranjape

Patent Status

US Patent No. 11,247,206