A Passive Audience Feedback System and Process

Categories: “Computer Science

Reference #: 2017-006

OTC Contact: Sharon E. Pula, Esq., 202-687-8712 (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A passive, non-interrogative system for continuous monitoring and quantification of audience interest during a presentation. 


Provides real-time audience engagement feedback to a presenter during conferences, colloquia and lectures.


  • System instantaneously monitors and quantifies audience interest/engagement with a topic
  • Highlights points of interest and talking points during presentation
  • No active interrogation of the Audience


A common problem in classrooms, conferences and forum settings in general is that audiences may drift due to lack of interest, often times because the speaker has not provided sufficient background on the topic to fully engage the audience. Existing systems to quantify audience engagement typically require members to actively rate the speaker using infrared transceivers for example. Such systems can be costly and require audience interrogation.

Georgetown University researchers are developing a passive system to quantify audience engagement by monitoring how many people turn to the internet as a diversion. By essentially monitoring the number of data packets uploaded and downloaded from local internet hot-spots speakers are given a real-time indicator of the level of audience engagement.

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Provisional application has been filed


Makarand Paranjape