Small Molecular Weight Myc-max Inhibitors

Categories: “Cancer Therapeutics

Reference #: 2007-026

OTC Contact: Ruchika Nijhara, Ph.D., MBA, CLP (Directory Information | Send a Message)


c-Myc is implicated in pathogenesis, evolution and/or survival of many human cancers and therapeutic targeting of this oncoprotein offers a great commercial potential. However, all the approaches so far to inhibit c-myc have not been successful. The present invention describes small molecular weight compounds to inhibit c-Myc function by abrogating the association between c-Myc and its binding partner, Max. Specifically, the invention embodies compounds and compositions and methods to inhibit growth or proliferation of the cell.


Stage of Development

Compounds show enhanced growth inhibition of c-Myc-expressing cells in a manner that generally correlates with their ability to disrupt c-Myc-Max association and DNA binding. Further, studies show that the compounds specifically target c-Myc.

Relevant Publications

“Improved low molecular weight Myc-Max inhibitor” Metallo et al; Mol Cancer Ther. 2007 Sep;6(9):2399-408.

Patent Status

US Patent Application # 11/707,421 and PCT application # PCT/US07/04039 entitled “Improved Low molecular weight Myc-Max Inhibitors, filed on February 16, 2007.