Funding Opportunity for Startups – Summer 2015

“Phase Zero” Program

There are still a small number of Phase Zero awards available for companies that are interested in getting professional support with their SBIR proposals. Support includes proposal templates, budget templates and six hours of review by professional SBIR proposal reviews at NO COST to the company.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so apply now here:

Department of Agriculture – Due October 8, 2015

USDA provides up to $100,000 in funding to small businesses. In addition to the more agriculturally focused topics, a topic that all companies should look at is Rural and Community Development. An example priority under this topic is:

Development of services and information and managerial systems that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Local Governments and Public and Private Institutions.

Topics may include educational programs, including gaming, which address the specific needs of people in rural areas (e.g., development of entrepreneurship and workforce skills); new housing designs; improved health care delivery; appropriate educational, transportation and communication technologies and services; and marketing of new information and technologies.

Department of Health and Human Services – Due September 5, 2015

HHS provides up to $150,000 for small businesses. There are a wide range of topics across the medical spectrum.

National Science Foundation – Due December 2015

NSF provides up to $150,000 for small businesses. NSF excepts proposals in any area of technology. One of the new topics added is“Internet of Things”. NSF is thought to be very startup friendly and understands Lean Startup concepts etc. However, they are focused on truly innovative technologies.

Environmental Protection Agency - Draft