Boronic Acids for Treating Breast Cancer

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Reference #: 2010-005

OTC Contact: Ruchika Nijhara, Ph.D., MBA, CLP (Directory Information | Send a Message)


A new class of boronic acids has been discovered as a potent new therapeutic that offers a novel approach to treating breast cancer. The new boronic acids demonstrated improved cellular toxicity against estrogen dependant human breast cancer cells compared to the known breast cancer inhibitor resveratrol This class of boronic acids exhibits an irreversible anti-proliferative effect against cancer cells, which suggests a potentially viable therapeutic for treating breast cancer.


Small molecules containing boronic acid moieties are potential therapeutics for the treatment of breast cancer, including multi-drug resistant breast cancer. The compounds may be used alone or in combination treatments.Enter your content here.


Stage of Development

Studies completed in vitro in MCF-7 breast cancer cells have demonstrated that a compound of this invention has a growth inhibition concentration (IC50) of 30-40 µM after 48h, compared with >100 µM for resveratrol. The IC50 of flavopiridol with 10 µM of compound was 18 nM, compared with 300 nM for flavopiridol alone and 200 nM for flavopiridol with 10 µM resveratrol. The IC50 of compound was 50 µM for multi-drug resistant (MDR+) cell line CL 10.3, compared to >100 µM for resveratrol. Enter your content here.

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