Plasma microRNA Markers of Upper Limb Recovery Following Human Stroke

Categories: “Diagnostics” “Neurological Disorders” 

Reference #: 2018-036

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This invention pertains to nine miRNAs that are differentially expressed between patients with good and poor stroke recovery. By analyzing and comparing a plasma sample taken from a patient having a normal miRNA profile, healthcare providers can determine if the subject’s miRNA profile is altered compared to a normal miRNA profile. An alteration of the subject’s miRNA profile is indicative of increased risk of poor recovery after suffering a stroke. They can use this information to further determine the effectiveness of rehabilitation therapies.


  • Prognosis in stroke recovery
  • Timing rehabilitation therapies as well as determining their effectiveness
  • Potentially identifying patients who would be good candidates for additional therapies


  • MicroRNAs, are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and are protected from degradation in the peripheral blood by traveling in exosomes
  • Convenient and inexpensive compared to MRIs, which are also less predictive

Stage of Development

Refining microRNA biomarker panel through testing on a larger sample of patients. Currently two studies in process, one with 80 participants and the other with 50, to further elucidate biomarker effectiveness.

Relevant Publication

Edwardson MA, Zhong X, Fiandaca MS, Federoff HJ, Cheema AK, Dromerick AW. Plasma microRNA markers of upper limb recovery following human stroke. Sci Rep. 2018;8(1):12558. Published 2018 Aug 22. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-31020-5


Matthew Edwardson
Xiaoghang Zhong
Massimo Fiandaca
Howard J Federoff
Amrita K Cheema
Alexander W Dromerick

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