Macroencapsulation Device

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Reference #: 2019-047

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This invention relates to a novel macroencapsulation device that can effectively and safely protect allo transplanted insulinoma cells from rejection by local immunotherapy. It does this via a PLGA drug delivery system created in a proprietary manner, which has the abilityto release drugs over a 4 – 9 month duration.

The inventors have found two combinations of three drugs each inhibit allo rejection and protects 100% of the transplanted cells for months until the drug within the device disperses.


  • Diabetes I treatment and other encapsulated cell therapies


  • As opposed to other macroencapsulation devices, which attempt to mechanically inhibit immune cells from entering the device by having small pores, this device, due to its ability to locally inhibit the immune system, contains large pores which allows insulin producing cells to survive in low oxygen conditions subcutaneously

Stage of Development

Successful in vivo data (murine model).

Patent Status

Provisional Patent Application filed.


Douglas Sobel, M.D.
Barath Ramasubramanian