Diverting Jejunostomy Tube

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Reference #: 2018-025

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An enteral feeding device that solves the problem of gastrointestinal fluid leakage encountered with Jejunostomy tubes (J-tubes), specifically at the stoma site. Such leakage is a frequent cause of morbidity and recurrent hospital admissions. Georgetown researchers solve this problem by providing an alternative pathway for fluid seeking to flow past the J-tube.  The alternative pathway permits fluid from upstream to flow from an afferent limb to an efferent limb of the device, thus reducing leakage around the tube.


Reduces leakage around the exiting J-tube and related morbidity and recurrent hospitalizations


  • The technology presents a new standard for J-tube construction, providing a safe way to reduce the reported 60 percent of patients reported as experiencing leakage around the tube site, and 45 percent reported as having stomal infections. 
  • Reduced hospital and ER admissions

Stage of Development

Data collection and device development continue.

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Patent Status

Provisional Patent Application filed.


Emil Cohen