Non-invasive Passive Interstitial Fluid Collector

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Reference #: 2017-001

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A microfluidic device for non-invasively and passively accessing interstitial fluid (ISF) from a patient.


  • Transdermal collection of ISF from patients
  • Assess presence biomarkers in ISF 


  • Simple, effective, and time efficient way to painlessly collect ISF from a patient
  • Minimally invasive – utilizes microfluidic technology to help in the passive transfer of ISF from the skin surface to a collection port
  • Use of ISF instead of blood or other bodily fluids reduces or eliminates need to denature sample proteins


Blood sampling is the most popular choice for clinical testing, primarily because blood surrounds all tissues and organs, collecting metabolic by-products and biomarkers associated with various disease states. ISF may be a more attractive option since it contains the constituents of blood, excluding proteins and molecules above 60 kDa, thus removing the need to denature proteins that might otherwise interfere with clinical tests. ISF has nevertheless been overlooked as a body fluid with diagnostic applications because current methods to harvest ISF are often uncomfortable, time consuming and invasive.

Researchers at Georgetown University have created a device that unconventionally utilizes ISF as the body fluid for diagnostic testing. The microfluidic device allows the passive transfer of ISF from the surface of the skin to a collection port, allowing standard clinical tests to conclusively determine  the presence or absence of biomarkers. This convenient, pain-free method can save time, both during sample collection and preparation.

Stage of Development

Reduced to practice and tested.


Makarand Paranjape

Patent Status

Utility is pending.